Introduction Important Resources of Rural Community,Groundwater



Welcome to Rural GroundwaterNET Our Valuable Resources, Groundwater Water is life. Groundwater is naturally purified water after rainfall has percolated into the ground and it is a precious public resources that all of us Should preserve together.

Groundwater is renewable and convenient for development. It is an important water resources that can be utilized in a variety of purposes – quenching drought and providing water for agricultural and domestic use, etc. However, once it has dried up or become polluted, much money and time are required to restore it.

To efficiently develop, use, preserve and manage groundwater, and to pass down it in clean and pure condition to our following generation, we all need to work together.

Important Resources of Rural Community, Groundwater

Groundwater is a clean water resources for the future generations.

11% of the water we use is groundwater. (Unit : 100 million ㎥/year)
Classification Quantity of Use
Total 372(100%)
Dam, Reservoir 209 (56%)
River 122 (33%)
Groundwater 41 (11%)

★Economic value of groundwater:1 trillion won/year

Groundwater is used mostly in rural community. (Unit : 1000 locations, 100 million ㎥/year)
Classification Number of locations Quantity of Use
Total 1,658 41 (100%)
City 93 3 (7%)
Rural Community 1,565 38 (93%)
The groundwater of rural community is mainly used Agriculturally and domestically. (Unit : 100 million ㎥/year)
Classification Quantity of Use
Total 41 (100%)
Domestic 17 (42%)
Agricultural 21 (51%)
Industrial and Others 3 (7%)